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Our Team

BLOOM was established by Alexa Brand, LMFT, and Chloe Zessin, LMFT, with the goal of providing the highest quality care for our clients and the highest quality training for our clinicians. With a focus on trauma-informed practices, we aim to serve our clients with deep compassion via a multi-level systems framework (family, relational, and societal).

Our clinicians have a range of specialties including: anxiety and depression support, women's issues, queer and transgender issues (LGBTQ+), men's issues, trauma recovery, teen support, couples & families challenges, and grief and loss support. To ensure quality care, we believe that each therapist should hone in on specific areas to foster expertise.

We are a warm team of highly skilled, empathetic therapists who believe in the power of therapy. Both inside and outside the therapy room, our clinicians are dedicated to creating individual and societal change. Furthermore, our team is committed to the continual pursuit of our own personal growth and professional development. We are proud to be BLOOM.

Hear the behind the scenes tea on what it's actually like to be a practicing therapist. Hosted by our practice co-founders, Alexa Brand, LMFT, and Chloe Zessin, LMFT, as well as one of our Associate therapists, Olivia Clark, AMFT, Therapist Confidential aims to transparently explore the highs and lows juggling clinical work and business building with personal challenges and achievements. Furthermore, we hope to inspire our listeners to embrace unconditional self-compassion, the beautify of community connection, and the freedom of radical authenticity.