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About BLOOM's Associate Training Program


Associate Requirements

About: Prior to founding BLOOM, we (Chloe and Alexa) had a vision of creating a group practice where the main focus is on training Associate Therapists. Through our own supervisee experiences, we were witness to the impact that supervision had on therapists. We saw how great supervision led to clinical growth and positive outcomes. We also saw how bad supervision created unethical situations and poor outcomes. Therefore, we developed a program that aims to provide exceptional supervision and training so that our Associate therapists foster well-rounded development as clinicians. We choose to create a supportive, open environment leading with deep compassion and abundant skill. Our main goal is to help Associates become the best therapists they can be in a space that fosters safety and abundant guidance through all of the bumps that come with being a clinician. We do not believe in perfectionism. We believe in continued journey of professional and personal growth.

Our Approach to Supervision: We have both taken the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Training and the CAMFT Approved Supervisor Training. We use "Self of the therapist" supervision, which is an approach to supervision in which supervisors guide Associates to introspect on their own lives and understand how their experiences impact the process of therapy in both positive and negative ways. We strongly believe in the use of self-reflection as a way to strengthen our clinical abilities. Additionally, Chloe and Alexa aim to help Associates enrich their approaches to treatment via critical analysis, case conceptualizations, rapport enhancement, and intervention building.

BLOOM's Training Program Goals:

  • Provide Associates "self of the therapist" supervision that allows for deep reflection in order to increase clinical skill

  • Provide each Associate weekly individual supervision that is adapted to the unique needs of the Associate

  • Provide Associates group supervision that allows opportunity to consult with other clinicians and learn from other client cases

  • Cultivate strong mentor-mentee relationships between Clinical Supervisors and Supervisees - allowing for a powerful supervision experience

  • Help Associates develop their personal style of therapy via honing in on treatment modalities, fostering authentic & compassionate therapeutic relationships, and identifying problems & populations that the Associate wishes to specialize in

  • Provide Associates a range of trainings in different areas to increase their ability to treat specific populations and problems (e.g., working with couples, trauma-informed approaches, trans affirming therapy, mandated reporting, suicidality assessment, etc.)

  • Increase Associate ability to perform ethical and legal treatment and assess and manage risk (prepping Associates for their law & ethics exam)

  • Increase Associate ability to understand different approaches to treatment and manage complex clinical situations (prepping Associates for their clinical licensure exam)

  • Increase Associate ability to manage stress, burn-out, and compassion fatigue that arises from seeing clients

Compensation: Associate pay is $30 per insurance-covered session & $75 per self-pay session with opportunity for increased pay

Please note: At our practice, we do not see clients with active bouts of psychosis or moderate-to-severe disordered eating. If this is your area of clinical focus, we are not the right program for you.

  • Registration as an Associate Therapist (please note: we will hire therapists who are in the process of obtaining their Associate numbers; however, due to legal requirements, therapists cannot see clients until they receive their Associate number)

  • Genuine curiosity and drive to develop one's clinical abilities, including assessment, conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention, management of complex situations, and exploration of countertransference

  • Cultural humility, a strong commitment to working with diverse communities, and willingness to embrace an intersectional lens

  • Ability and desire to deeply reflect on oneself as it pertains to becoming an effective therapist and a willingness to explore this in supervision

  • A collaborative mindset that seeks to work well relationally with others

  • Openness in reaching out for supervisor support when needed

  • A commitment to building to a minimum of 20 clients per week (max of number of clients at discretion of Associate's supervisor)

  • Weekly attendance of one hour of individual supervision and two hours of group supervision

  • Monthly attendance of BLOOM trainings

If you are interested in our training program and wish to receive more information, please reach out to Chloe at or Alexa at

Please note: Due to legal and ethical standards, we are limited in the number of Associates we can supervise.